It’s a haven for men to share experiences, develop new skills with others, make new friends, talk about something or nothing, and put the world to rights over a cuppa & and biscuit in a non-threatening environment. We don’t care if you were an engineer, scientist, builder, artist, poet, road sweeper or any other job in between, just come along and meet some really great new friends.

Drawing mainly on retired and older folk who may have time on their hands due to retirement, downsizing of their home or even loss of a partner, Menzshed provides an opportunity for the many retirees who may feel undervalued and invisible, whose skills built over years of practice might otherwise go unrecognised or underutilised. We work on projects that benefit the community at large, repairing or making items for a wide range of organisations in Upper Hutt including kindergartens and schools or just something you want to make for yourself.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere where lots get done (and talked about), blokes can just come in when they want, stay as long as they want and basically do something or not as the mood takes them. You may see some blokes working on a project, repairing some item from home, something dropped in or making something new such as toys for grandkids or a kindergarten.

We have lathes, drop saws, thicknessers, band saws, planes, drills, hand tools in abundance, metal working equipment and, we're in the middle of significant upgrade to our buildings and facilities, with more coming online all the time. So grab the opportunity with both hands and meet us at the Menzshed – you won’t regret it.

New Members are always welcome (see our Welcome page) – come in and check the place out – come for 10.30 and have a cuppa with us – you may not want to leave!           

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