First opened at Lane Park, Upper Hutt Menzshed relocated to Wallaceville Research Station Business Park in 2015, and we now have our own facility at McLeod Park in Elderslea, Upper Hutt.  Two buildings are now installed and occupied, whilst we customise the interiors to our requirements.  A third will be installed and set up when circumstances and time permit.  

Our location at McLeod Park provides plenty of space and parking, well out of the way of street traffic, so it suits us very well.  An AA style sign identifies the entrance to the Menzshed on McLeod Street, opposite the Park entrance between 52 and 56 McLeod Street.  Click here for a map view.

Upper Hutt Menzshed is involved in a wide range of projects supporting the Upper Hutt community and involving schools, kindergartens, libraries, ecological and wildlife groups, alongside the projects the blokes pursue for themselves, home and family.  We expect to broaden our activities and community engagement, now that we have a permanent facility which we can make our own and fit to our purposes.  

Upper Hutt Menzshed is proud to be a member of Menzshed NZ

For details of how to contact us, or find us, and hours of operation, see our Welcome Page